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About Good Foods
We make things happen!

Our PASSION is creating amazing food using fresh, locally sourced, organic ingredients.

MENUS are designed specifically for you with your individual preferences in mind. Good Foods Catering specializes in seasonal offerings, individually designed menus and we are easily able to prepare a favorite family recipe to enhance your guests’ experience.

Our FOCUS is to remain eco-friendly, mindful of the environment and give back to our community.

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Mission & Vision

Our MISSION: To provide unmatched creative cuisine, artistic presentation and professional service from your first contact with us throughout your entire event.

PROMISE: To serve healthy, beautifully presented cuisine, always mindful of dietary needs and special requests.

Our VISION: Good Foods Catering is a local business. We pride ourselves on our relationship with YOU, the success of your event, your guest’s enjoyment and ultimate satisfaction. We continually strive for long term relationships, repeat business, client referrals, flawless execution and fabulous food! 

Our level of presentation for all events is of the utmost importance to the Good Foods concept. Our vision for Good Foods is to personalize boutique catering and event planning designed to provide the highest level of service and impeccable food presentation for all our clientele.


All events with Good Foods will be personally serviced by our ownership team. We will take care of only one event at a time to insure customer satisfaction.  All ingredients will be hand selected and prepared by our culinary team. Every interaction with the customer will be conducted one on one and we promise to listen to your ideas and be available for you from start to finish. 

our team
Our Team
Meet our team

Darby Donohue is a Denver native and has a long history of catering and event coordination. He has planned and executed a plethora of special catered events over the past 30 years. Good Foods was created through the collaboration of three diverse, highly skilled industry professionals. In addition to a strong catering and event planning background Darby is an incredibly skilled chef and will be bringing his talents to Good Foods catering.


Darby enjoys creating and preparing organic, healthy and nutritious regional cuisine. Darby has put together a life-balanced concept that will utilize all his experience in the hospitality field and provide our community with delightful catering, precise event planning and warm, friendly customer service. Bon Appetite!!

Marisa Katz is thrilled to be a partner with Good Foods Catering bringing a fresh perspective to catering at the highest level. Her lifetime love and passion for delicious cuisine, over 20 years of marketing, business development, catering and design experience, provide a foundation for executing extraordinary events. She prides herself on relationship building, individual, personalized service and attention to every detail for a flawless event to enjoy celebrating the special moments in life!

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